Environmentally Friendly Materials

We are based out of Mumbai, India, the largest city that has banned single-use plastic bags (polyethene plastic bags).

Therefore, we do not use any single-use plastic bags within our company. Instead, our shopping bags are reusable and made out of polypropylene, which helps minimise waste and create sustainable environmental impact.

We are continuously seeking ways to make our environment safer for all by ensuring we use as minimum waste as possible in our supply chain.

Most of our outfits are made in limited quantities to reduce carbon footprints.

Empowering Women

Almas Tejani’s mission is deeply rooted in empowering women. We inspire women to embrace their individuality through fashion and empowering women to acquire skills that will economically empower them.

In Gujrat, we are helping pregnant women that can’t nourish themselves by providing them with necessities such as pure ghee, flour, dry fruits, and milk throughout their pregnancy.

We donate new clothes to Mt. Mary, St. Michael’s, St Andrews church to women and children to have new clothes to wear at Diwali & Christmas celebrations.

We also make new clothes for under-privileged women in our Jamatkhana (church) for their weddings at no charge.

For women whose husbands have lost their jobs and can’t continue to provide for the family, we have created jobs for the women within our company. They do work for us like finishing the pieces, adding tassels, and detailing outfits. They will acquire skills in the process and also earn an income to support their families.

Community Support

Every day there is a portion of sales removed for charity at the end of the month, which we donate to different charities.

We provide groceries for needy families in the Houston area, India and Pakistan.

Twice yearly, we donate about 45 outfits to low privileged communities in Houston, India and Pakistan to help girls and women dress their best.

We are providing donations for studies, housing, health cost for underprivileged families in India.

Almas Tejani believes that no child should be disadvantaged because of their background. We have chosen one student to pay for her school fees twice a year to help her with education costs.

We supply meals (about four times a year) and donate clothes to an all-girls school Fidai Girl’s Educational Institute, in India. Then, after they graduate, we help the Alumni by providing them with clothes for their weddings and their “trousseau”. (These are clothes and other belongings collected by a bride for her marriage, a tradition in India where the bride’s family is supposed to give the bride plenty of clothes to wear when they go to the groom’s house.

We provide these clothes for the girl whose family can’t afford to give that to them.

Also, in these COVID times, we are paying for various needs such as hospital bills and food for their families to help COVID patients recover their health and sustain their families during this time.